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Billede af Anastasia Taioglou

Why do we do it

We worry about our environment and are trying to bring recycling to new heights as fishnet recycling is a great addition to our normal recycled products and our new post-consumer products (PCR). Fishnets that end in the ocean are extremely damaging to marine life and the balance in our oceans.


Why 0:Seanet

Our name 0:Seanet is a play on the word Ocean but with S as we then also spell out 0 (zero) Sea Net which would be a fantastic achievement. We don’t believe that we alone can save the oceans from ghost nets, but we have created the brand 0:Seanet to help create a better marine life environment, by manufacturing packaging for our industry based on end of life re-cycled fishnets, trawls and ropes.

Ghost nets are fishing nets, trawls and ropes that either are lost by accident during fishing or deliberately thrown overboard because of damage or lack of space and financial costs of returning the nets in some countries. Even though the nets are just floating in the ocean or lying on the bottom, they continue catching various marine animals, which eventually die from starvation. A tragic result from a careless act.

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What are ghost nets and why do they pose a problem?

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The start

We are continuously developing our products to be more sustainable by trying to achieve a higher concentration of maritime granulate in each product and color.


Our Guarantee: We document each recipe for each product and color, so that every product can be traceable back to the specific batch from our supplier, ensuring transparency and compliancy according to the standards we claim.

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