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Our environmental policy

At 0:Seanet, we continuously strive to implement creative solutions for our innovative packaging  to further reduce the impact on our planet. Environmental issues are at the heart of the company for all our staff, and this trickles down to the decisions we make on a daily basis. We believe that taking care of the environment is everyone's responsibility for everyone’s future, and hope that this enthusiasm rubs off on each of our customers.

Here's how we've been doing it

Raw granulate

The basis of all the packaging we make is the high quality raw recycled granulate, which has an impressive minimum 90% Co2 footprint reduction when compared to virgin plastic. The carbon footprint reduction result is based on an intensive LCA screening “cradle to gate” study of the raw materials and production, with focus on maximizing the use of green energy wherever possible. The manufacturing process of the high quality granulate was 10 years in the making and meets extremely high standards expected of a recycled granulate for production, minimizing an impact on production machinery lifecycles and their energy consumption. We also have a focus on limiting waste by recycling all defective products in the production process, causing our waste to be as close to zero as possible.



Working together with our clients, we use our extensive know-how of cosmetic packaging in general, to produce innovative recycled packaging in the purest form possible. We strive to constantly improve our packaging visuals while also having an intensive focus on reducing the finished product’s carbon footprint as much as possible. It is therefore our ultimate goal to maximize the percentage of recycled granulate used in each and every product we produce, while maintaining the integrity and high-quality standards expected of a cosmetic packaging product. All this, so that the finished product can go straight to shelf with minimal waste and impact. 



The transport segment is in its own innovation phase within Carbon Footprint impact of their businesses, and they are working very hard on improving their own green policies in regard to green energy in air, sea and land transports. At 0:Seanet, we work only with the major EU based logistic groups as they have come farthest in their process of minimizing their Carbon Footprint overall. To further improve our own green policy in regard to transport, we have chosen to produce our packaging in Central Europe ensuring close proximity to most major markets, so that we can bring your products to market, with as minimum transport impact as possible. 

Communication and team structure

The partners and staff at 0:Seanet are working out of several different regional locations, and the last couple of years since early 2020 have taught us that there are other options to meeting in person. The 0:Seanet team of today has, if anything, become even more dynamic through the changes made necessary during a global lockdown as we can become even more effective solving issues through online meetings, phone calls and mails, instead of frequently meeting in person. So also here, we have looked inwards and found that with a few simple changes, we have further reduced our own personal climate impact by traveling less on a daily basis. 

Energy and waste

Denmark has some of the strictest environmental goals set in the EU and it is a high priority set by the government, to supply Green Energy to the industry in general, as well as to the public in general. Denmark also has a strong waste recycling plan in place and Danes are used to sorting waste in many categories with this only increasing in the years to come based on the goals set by the government. Being based in Denmark, 0:Seanet reaps the benefits of this very strong Green Energy Policy in Denmark, while we also limit our own needs for large office space, reducing our travel to an absolute minimum, recycling our waste, thus further reducing our internal use of energy and our own environmental footprint. 

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