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Unique packaging combined with natural products create a new experience

0:Seanet, is proud to present a true to nature concept available now: Thyreen.

The origins of Thyreen can be found in Denmark on the North-Western shores where there is a proud tradition of using local ingredients. Being a fishing nation, Denmark has long been a champion of the environment around us and even more so in these current times.
Working closely with the concept owner and creator, Alice Bisgaard, our team at 0:Seanet created a bottle from recycled fishnet granulate, that suited the line perfectly.
The idea for the product line came from Alice Bisgaard, who grew up with a father who was a fisherman and she had therefore heard of the problems of used fishing nets ending up in landfill or abandoned at sea. This was also becoming increasingly visible on the beaches close to her home. Therefore, when Alice heard of 0:Seanet, she contacted us to assist in creating a brand that would help tackle the growing problem. We were more than happy to help, as it was perfectly in line with our own vision.


Therefore we are pleased to present this great new series of products, that whilst helping save the ocean from excess discarded gear, this bottle even has a massive 45% reduction of the Co2 footprint when comparing to virgin plastic. 


This is just the start of an amazing journey that we have set sail on, as we intend on presenting more products and work on more solutions that saves both our oceans and landfills from used fishing gear, but also works on reducing our carbon footprint.


See the product at

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