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Plastic bottles for cosmetics made of granulate from fishing nets and ropes are a game changer

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Forbes Magazine Poland 12/2021 page 209 (translated)

Two pioneering companies the Omega Plastics and 0:Seanet are the first on the Polish market to use granulate from used fishing nets to produce plastic packaging.

Where did the idea for the use of fishing nets and lines for the production of packaging come from?

Magdalena Kryzińska (0:Seanet): Every year, over half a million tons of used plastic fishing nets end up in the oceans, which translates into 11% of annual pollution in the oceans. Drifting in the water or lying on the bottom, they continue to trap fish and other vertebrates. The sea creatures trapped in this way die of hunger after a few days. Moreover, used fishing nets pollute the ocean as much as plastic packaging is because they are made of the same material. These nets, trawls and ropes are mainly made of HDPE, the material used in the production of cosmetic bottles. We have been distributing cosmetics and cosmetic packaging for 11 years and like all manufacturers, we are aware of the growing problem of plastic pollution of our planet. Therefore, we do not remain idle, but act to limit it. For this reason, the 0:Seanet brand was created, the aim of which is not only to create awareness of the problem of pollution of the oceans with fishing nets, but also to present the solution of their reuse in the production of bottles.

Marcin Gruszewski (Omega plastics): As a company that produces plastic packaging, we feel responsible for our products. Caring for sustainable development, we are constantly looking for innovations that will have a positive impact on the natural environment. We are glad that together with 0:Seanet we can use our over 20 years of experience in the industry and give a second life to fishing ropes and nets, using them for the production of packaging in the cosmetics, household chemicals and automotive industries. Plastic packaging has many advantages, such as low purchase cost, durability and lightness. That is why it is so difficult to replace them in the modern world and they accompany us in every area of ​​life and technology. Polymer materials from which they are made can be recycled many times. Thanks to this, we give raw materials a second, third and subsequent life, which undoubtedly has a positive impact on the environment. Less waste is released into the environment and the emission of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere is reduced. That is why the emphasis on reducing the scale of waste mismanagement and increasing the level of raw material recovery is so important.

How do you use this innovative idea in practice?

Magdalena Kryzińska (0:Seanet): The raw material we use is granulate from recycled, used ropes, trawls and fishing nets that are collected from ports or collected from seas and oceans. First, they are subjected to inspection and registration, then they are divided into fractions according to the color and type of plastic and then manually cleaned, then they are cut, washed, shredded and dried, and finally extrusion. This is how rHDPE and rPPC granulate are created. Each production batch is verified using a number of analytical and test methods for the presence of heavy metals, impurities and chemicals. Thanks to these steps, the resulting product is stable, meets the REACH standards and the requirements for product migration.

Marcin Gruszewski (Omega plastics): The decision to introduce new packaging to our product assortment is always preceded by pilot actions. Regardless of whether we are testing a new raw material, a new form of packaging or experimenting with colours, we must be sure that the new solution will meet the expectations of our customers. It was no different in the case of using raw materials from fishing ropes and nets. Focused testing over a long period in the production hall of our manufacturing plant, gave a positive result. Thanks to this, we can with great pleasure announce success and launch the series.

Contact us and find out more to use plastic bottles for cosmetics from granulate from fishing nets and lines in your company

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