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OceanHero, the search engine fighting plastic polution

is a new search engine with a mission to fight the ocean plastic crisis by raising funds for initiatives that actively recover ocean-bound plastic. For every five searches performed on OceanHero, one ocean-bound plastic bottle is recovered.

OceanHero says its partnerships with Plastic Bank and Waste Free Oceans, and Trash Waste Solutions, the plastic recovery process provides life-sustaining jobs for people living in extreme poverty.

The OceanHero search engine works just like any other search engine. In the last seven months, OceanHero users have helped prevent 21 million plastic bottles from entering the ocean.

The company recently signed a partnership with Microsoft that allows it to show search results powered by Microsoft’s Bing search engine. The agreement also allows Microsoft advertisers to show their ads on OceanHero.

Entrepreneurs Marvin Burman and Pawel Wszola founded OceanHero in 2019. In addition to raising money to recover ocean-bound plastic, they are committed to raising awareness about the problems driving the ocean plastic crisis.

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