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We need the ocean

And the ocean needs us

Recycled cosmetic packaging made from fishing nets


Let us help your 
business to be in
front on recycling

Make an impact

You have great products, so why not also have great packaging that makes an impact? Take your packaging to the next step in recycling and become a protector of the ocean at the same time.

Tell your story

By using the 0:Seanet brand logo on your products, you clearly show your customers that you care, how you contribute and how important it is to make a choice that helps the environment.

Recycling helps

Globally only 9% of plastic waste is recycled; 12% is incinerated, whilst the remaining 79% is either sent to landfill, stockpiled in developing countries or dumped on land or in the marine environment.

Based on a prevention approach, we ensure that used nets, ropes and trawls, that instead of being incinerated or ending up in the ocean or landfills at the end of life, would be recycled into new products.

Create awareness in your customers

Through prevention awareness you can show customers how wonderful it feels to make a difference and how wonderful it feels to be part of a growing global movement and potentially create your own brand ambassadors.

Sample box.jpg


A box to show whats

possible to make from

recycled fishing nets

Net rengøring.png

Let’s protect the oceans together

Every year, more than 8 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the ocean and an estimated 27% of this is from the maritime industry. There are an estimated 640.000 tons of lost nets at the bottom of the ocean. The granulate we use, is collected from a growing amount of harbors and plastic collectors across Europe as part of a coalition of maritime industry post life equipment regeneration schemes.

Making that choice and promoting your products in recycled packaging made from fishnets, you communicate your environmental strategy with every bottle, jar, tube and cap that you use in your brand.

Communicating your environmental strategy has never been easier. by choosing our recycled packaging based on used fishnets and utilizing our brand logo and information package, you can effectively communicate to your customers that you are serious about your environment protection and product recycling.

Using 0:Seanet “Green Plastic” products means you can potentially reduce the Eco-Footprint of your packaging by over 90% CO2 emissions in comparison to virgin plastic.

Plastiic in ocean.jpg

Plastic in the ocean


Of the total plastic waste in the sea is fishing nets.


Of baby sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs


Garbage truck of plastic is discarded into our oceans every minute.


Of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is fishing gear


Tonnes of plastic currently circulates in Earth's marine environments.


Let's get together and make a difference!

Take the next step and help us turn more nets into recycled plastic.

Contact us, let us know your thoughts and needs in order to make an important change to your product packaging line.

Let us hear what your thoughts are, and what you need to make the change in your product line. 

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